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Street Fighter 4

Street Fighter 4 is an excellent arcade fighting game
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Street Fighter 4 is an excellent arcade fighting game. I have been playing Street Fighter games since it was popular on the Sega Genesis. I have played all of the games over the years and was disappointed by a few of them, especially Street Fighter 3. So, I was skeptical when I first played this game. However, my skepticism vanished quickly minutes into the game. Street Fighter 4 goes back to the series's roots and it makes punching and kicking your opponent to death fun again.

This game offers an excellent fighting experience, based on strategy and ability rather than button smashing. There are combos that you can make by combining different strikes and special moves. There are super combos like in many other Street Fighter games. This time, as you fight, your combo bar fills up, and when it is complete you can carry out a super combo, or you can use more potent versions of your special moves by using a combo bar. As you get hit, the revenge meter fills up and when it is charged all the way, you can do an ultra combo, which is devastating. These combos, although hard to land at first, are a great addition to the game. There are other gameplay elements that make this game truly great, and you can learn all about them by playing a few rounds against the computer or a human opponent. The controls are easy to learn but hard to master, which makes the game even more interesting. There is a training mode where you can practice all the moves and command lists that show you how each move is done.

To sum up, I am sure both fans of the series and new users alike will love this game. Super Street Fighter was released a year after this game and it includes more characters as well. I have heard that the latest SF game, Arcade Edition, wasn't as good as Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4.

José Fernández
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  • Very nice graphics
  • It runs well even on older PCs
  • Benchmark mode
  • Lots of content


  • No air-blocking during fights
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